STEM apmācība bērniem

About Us

Today technology is everywhere around us. Using technology is cool and exciting, it makes our lives more comfortable and productive. Besides it’s also a great fun! We want to make knowledge about technology accessible even for small ones – easy to understand and entertaining.

Since 2015, International School of Innovations is serving more than 1000 children, their parents and teachers all over the country and is growing rapidly.

Using STEM teaching methode to teach science, technics and electronics 

A member of National Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association

A partner of the major and largest national techical university:

A partner of national technical university college:

International methods
& professional tools

We use internationally recognised education methodologies and professional tools like LEGO Education, TETRIX Robotics Set, Sumoboy, assembling and programming tasks, experiments, 3-Designing and more, engaging children in learning process.

We see STEM education as an important learning process, a pathway for better understanding of  science, technology, engineering and mathematics from early ages till university.

That is why we work with kids as early as 3 years old and follow till university, carefully shaping and adjusting each program, providing coninuity of tech education and sparkle tech innovation in the future.

What we do:

International Summer School

Summer school for teaching STEM and English for children with the objective to prepare them for future society and build their competitiveness for global education and career. Education program is combined with sports, travel and outdoor activities. Based in university campus with the access to well equipped laboratories and guided by university level professionals.

Extracurricular activities for children 6-9 years old

Regular extracurricular STEM education classes where children learn robotics, augmented reality, programming and problem solving with lots of fun and experiments in interactive and engaging way.

STEM education

Extracurricular activities for children 3-5 years old

Regular extracurricular STEM education for small children who love to play and experiment. We introduce children to mechanisms, simple robotics and assembling with Lego education.

STEM birthday party


Short, interactive workshops at birthday parties, corporate events or other celebrations both for children and adults, adjusted to their needs and knowledge to raise the interest and understanding about science. Technology is fun!

Summer Camps

Local summer camps for children 7-15 years old. Learning STEM, doing sports and enjoying summer. Camp is located in a green and peaceful place outside the city centre, with plenty of outdoor summer activities. It's a place to learn and get new friends!

New Education Products

We take into the account our experience with teaching children and we create and elaborate new tools and methods to constantly update and improve our curriculums and technical tool set. For example, in cooperation with university we develop astronomy learning models.

STEM education for children

Training of Teachers

Following the European and national education methodology development trends, we organize and take part in the projects for training the teachers to introduce the STEM and Robotics principles in the regular curriculum in schools.

robotics education

Public Education Projects 

In order to encourage a broader public to advance their understanding and skills about technology and science, we organize public robotics workshops, demo presentations and publish the information in social media.

STEM for kids

Robotic Team

We are training the most talented and motivated students to participate in local and international robotics competitions such as ROBOTEX.