Summer School Location

School is located in the comfortable and modern newly built facilities at Ventspils University College, that is 2 hour drive from the capital Riga. It is a University and a scientific institution which carries out scientific researches and implements academic and professional study programmes.

Summer school is located in the college premises, using it’s recently renovated students’ dormitory and well equipped laboratories.

Surrounded by nature and in just a 10 minute walking distance from the sandy beach of the Baltic Sea.

Accomodation and Security

  • Accommodation, classes and activities at the University campus with locked territory including sports ground and park, 24 h security guard.
  • Children will live in a spacious and light 2 room block, where each room is shared by two children. Each room-block shares one shower and a toilet.
  • Teachers and assisting personnel will live in the same floor where children are located.
  • The classrooms are located in the same building of dorms.
  • Individual camp’s participant surveillance for security purposes.
  • Strict group discipline for all activities outside the school.
  • Instant free, 24/7 access high-speed Internet.
  • Chinese speaking personnel available in the camp at all times.
  • Hospital and emergency access in 100 m from the School.

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High quality customised meals with choice of Asian meals made from local and EU products. Catering is provided 4 times a day, planning a balanced, tasty and nutritious meals. Take-away food packs are provided during trips.

STEM and English summmer school
STEM and English summmer school

List of Laboratories

The Summer School will have the access to the following laboratories:

  • New technology laboratory
  • Computer laboratory
  • Computer telecommunications networks, computer system laboratory
  • Information transmission technology laboratory
  • Prototyping laboratory
  • CAM laboratory
  • Multimedia laboratory
  • Satellite technology training laboratory
  • Robotics and sensor laboratory
  • Mechatronic systems laboratory
  • Open source laboratory
  • Electronic measurement laboratory
  • Digital electronics laboratory
  • Signal processing laboratory
  • Optics and optoelectronics laboratory
  • Physics laboratory
  • Radio systems laboratory
  • Radio astronomy and remote sensing laboratory
  • Satellite image processing laboratory