International STEM and English Summer School

in Northern Europe

  • Prepare for international education & career

  • Build self – confidence
Improve communication skills
STEM education

STEM education principles

Vasaras nometne bērniem tehnoloģijas

International methods
& professional tools

international STEM school

International staff from USA, EU, UK

STEM and English summmer school

Advanced study  facilities with high-tech equipment

STEM and English summmer school

Robotics cooperation with technical Universities

STEM and English summmer school

Children Will Learn

and future proof their knowledge

STEM and English summer school

English, with the focus on technical language

Practical use of mathematics and physics

STEM and English summer school

Programming and IT knowledge

STEM and English summer school

Engineering design and manufacturing of electronics

STEM and English summer school

Management of various tech tools and devices

Children Will Develop

skills needed for international education and career

STEM and English summer school

Innovation skills

STEM and English summer school

Communication, presentation and teamworking skills

Algorithmic and systematic thinking, rational and logical world perception

STEM and English summer school

Understanding about daily electronic devices exploitation

STEM and English summer school

Efficient self-organizing and time management skills

STEM education summmer school

What we do at Summer school:

Educational activities:

  • Basic robotics
  • Advanced robotics
  • Assembling
  • 3D printing
  • Experiments

Fun activities - inclusive

  • Excursions
  • Sports
  • Beach activities
  • Nature walks
  • Water park visit

Non-inclusive trips

  • AHHAA science centre visit in Estonia
  • Copernicus science centre visit in Poland
  • Ship cruise to Stockholm
  • Kiting lessons and tryouts
  • Aerodium - fly in a wind tunnel


The Teachers’ team consists of University teaching staff, English native speakers and International Innovations School instructors. All our staff members are experienced and qualified professionals in their field and have great experience working with children. They come form USA, EU and UK major universities. 

Location Facts

  • Summer School is located in the city of Ventspils, a green seaside student city, located a 2 h drive from the Capital of Latvia – Riga. 
  • In mid-2014, during his visit to Latvia’s parliament, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang called for full cooperation in the field of infrastructure development, trade, agriculture and energy in Latvia and included it in the One Belt and One Road Initiative as an important transit into Europe.
  • At the end of 2016, Latvia hosted the 16 + 1 summit of China and Central and Eastern European countries, the Chinese premier and a delegation of more than 300 Chinese businessmen. 
  • Capital Riga was named the European Capital of Culture for 2014, often described as Paris of North.
  • The country is well-known for its rich history of being in the crossroads of Europe, beautiful sandy beaches, ancient castles, fairytale forests, picturesque towns, and more.
  • Half of Latvia is made up of natural ecosystems that have gone largely untouched, thus making it one of the greenest countries in Europe.

International knowledge and local support

  • Summer School is certified and insured according to EU laws.
  • Summer school is supported by the national government, municipalities, Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Education and Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Latvia.
  • Chinese speaking personnel is available at the Summer School at all times.
  • Travel package options for parents available.
  • Parents are cordially invited to join and to enjoy tailormade offers of international travel experiences.

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Using STEM teaching methode to teach science, technics, electronics and mathematics

A member of National Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry Association

A partner of the major and largest national techical university:

A partner of national technical university college: